Overview (of ECN’s role)



According to the existing laws, no party is recognized as a political party without registering in the Election Commission. Parties can be registered for two purposes: a) for organizational development and b) for contesting in elections. So far178 political parties have been registered in the Commission. The following constitutional provisions have been made in relation to political parties in Nepal:

·         Persons who are committed to a common political ideology, philosophy and program can form and operate  a political party,

·         Political parties registration requires their constitution, manifesto and other documents

·         The constitution and rules of the political party should be democratic,

·         The constitution of the political party has to ensure periodic election (at least once in five years) of the election of the office bearers in the federal and provincial levels, 

·         There should be the provision of inclusive representation in the executive committees at various levels of the party so as to reflect the diversity of Nepal,

·         No political party shall be registered if its name, objective, symbol and flag is of a character that may disturb the country’s religious or communal unity or is divisive in character.